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Uncovering, protecting, and celebrating the most wild, inaccessible, unspoilt, and unusual places on earth.

Although it is the most peaceful and grounding place, you don’t just go there for “relaxation”. Although it’s raw, inspiring, and thrilling, you don’t just go there for a “break” from normal life. And although it has unparalleled spectacle and diversity, you don’t just go there for “sightseeing”. Africa means more.

Because we don’t just know Africa, but understand it, and understand our clients, we know that choosing a trip with us isn’t only about a holiday, it’s about a need. And whatever that need is, Africa can fulfill it, and with you we can find your Africa.


Every worldwide underwater destination is as uniquely captivating and diverse as our land based portfolio, and with the wildlife to match, we fell in love.

Not bound by convention, we bear testament and continue to share your vision as we take you to places that appeal to your sense of wonderment. With no boundaries; the possibilities are endless as it’s the furthest, most unique and most remote corners of the earth that appeal to us.

The kind of places that one could’ve only dreamed of.


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